100% New Delco 24 Volt 12 Tooth Starter

Delco 40mt Heavy Duty Clockwise Starter

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Part #: S3094

Details: Starter

OEM(s): Delco

Voltage: 24

Rotation: CW

Teeth: 12


Starter Type: DD (Direct Drive)

Condition: New

Weight: 45.5000 lbs

Special Notes

100% New Armature with heat treated shaft and welded steel-core riserless commutator Varnish dipped field coils Ductile iron D.E. housing Solenoids are 100% tested for coil strength, voltage drop across contacts and 'reserve burnoff' on the contacts Painted gloss black with zinc plated hardware 100% computerized load tested

This item is equivalent to:

Manufacturer Part number
DELCO 1109329
DELCO 1109330
Item may be manufactured by non OEM Supplier (i.e. After-Market). See our warranty for more information.